A 10 Point Checklist For Finding the Right Dance School

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Finding a dance school isn’t exactly rocket science, but to a new dance parent it can be overwhelming and there are definitely some strategies that can help you.

One of the most popular questions I see on social media pages, particularly in facebook groups are from parents asking for recommendations for the right dance school for their child. I wholeheartedly believe not every dance school will suit every child, no matter how great the teacher is. And finding the right one will benefit your child enormously.

Here is my 10 point checklist for finding the right dance school for your child.

1. Know what your child wants.

This is really important, particularly for younger students. I’m not talking about the style of dance but what you want your child to achieve. Are you looking for something more relaxed where they can develop skills gradually? or are you looking for the a dance school with elite competition teams?

2. Decide on the style of dance.

Most dance schools provide a variety of classes but if your child is dying for a hip hop class, it is best to find a school that specialises in street styles. The same goes for ballet and tap.

3. Narrow your search

Find at least 3 dance schools that you like to continue through the rest of the checklist.

4. Does the school values align with yours?

This is hard to gauge unless you have interacted with the school but with the help of social media you can start to gauge their values. If you ignore finding out their values, this is where the issues will arise. We have all heard the Dance Mums vs Dance teacher stories. Minimise this with aligning your values.

5. Do they have performance opportunities

What are the performance opportunities? Are you after dance competitions and end of year concerts? Or do you want classes where you don’t have to participate in performances or low key end of year events? Costs and time attending rehearsals can be quite high.

6. How much are the classes AND other fees

It’s all well and good to find out how much the classes cost but don’t forget to ask if there are enrolment fees and/or uniform fees. Ask what the approximate cost for last years end of year concert was for a typical family; INCLUDING COSTUMES, TICKETS AND ADDITIONAL REHEARSALS.

7. Uniform

What do they need to wear? Is it s strict uniform or more relaxed? Do you have to fork out a lot more money or is there something in your cupboard you can use?

8. Location

Not only in location to where you live or where your child attends school, but is there a decent coffee shop close by? Let’s be honest, if they fall in love with dance you are going to be there for majority of your week.

9. Timetable

Do they actually have a class that you can attend?

10. Pick up the phone

I can tell if someone is passionate about what they do from a phone conversation, and if I like them. You want someone who is passionate so they pass that passion onto your child.

Dance is a wonderful activity to be apart of. Set your child up right with selecting a dance school that they will love.


Check out our values or check out our 2020 timetable and book in for your FREE trial at one of our FUN dance classes.

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