Class Passes for EVERYONE!

Due to COVID-19 I had to start thinking of ways to be more flexible for my students and their families. We are entering unchartered waters. All of a sudden some of us could be in isolation, be unwell or something else will prevent us from attending. It got me thinking...and thinking...and thinking... and I decided to go with class passes.

Two Pricing Options

  1. 10 class pass: same price per class as term 1

  2. Single class pass: - $14 per class (50c more to combat fees)

When you purchase the 10 class pass you have 6 MONTHS to use it! Class passes are available for ALL classes, even Drop In Music & Movement.

What do I do now?

To make it easy I created two videos. One shows how to purchase a 10 class pass via the website and the other shows how to purchase through the app.

How to Book Online via the Website

If you have siblings either in the same class or seperate classes, please use the website. Via the website you can book in multiple people in the same class. With siblings you have the option of buying two class passes or use one over 5 weeks.

You can also book on yoru phone via the website. I actually like it better via the website on my phone.

How To Book in via the App

You will need to download the WIX app from the app store or google play and find our community - Smashed It Dance. You can use this code once you have downloaded the app.

Here is the link to our community on the app

Don't forget to read our new COVID-19 Safety procedures here.

Book into your class HERE

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