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Starting new dance school in an area that already has very established and are hugely successful dance schools can be a struggle. Breaking away from the pack is Smashed it Dance Company (Smashed It Dance), who has recently opened its doors to create a new dance experience. Casual dance classes for kids in their signature class for under 5s - Smashed It Dance. The driving force behind this fresh new studio, Ashleigh, dives into what make her studio thrive.

“Dance and the performing Arts has always been apart of me, and will be for the rest of my life. My mission through my dance classes and school is to make dance more accessible”.

And that is exactly what it does.

When Ashleigh held her first dance class at the end of 2017 she honestly thought to herself ‘If I get 3 kids walk through the door, I’ll be happy.’ That lesson 15 kids showed up and Ashleigh knew this wasn’t going to be a one time thing.

Smashed It Dance started in October of 2017 after Ashleigh taught a dance session at the local playgroup she attended with her children. The overwhelming positive response from parents and children couldn’t be squashed. With little capital and what Ashleigh describes as a split second decision, the doors of Smashed It Dance were open in under a week.

Ashleigh has found a way to keep overhead costs at a minimum to allow to keep the cost on her families low, while still providing quality dance education in a stimulating and safe environment. Smashed It Dance is able to provide weekly casual dance classes for kids. Classes with no registration, no booking requirements, no dancewear and no concerts or competition. Ashleigh has the ability to strip back all the barriers of dance to offer classes to be purely enjoyed.

“Sometime dance is about turning up the music and doing the craziest movements you can think of. To me that is dance and that is expressing yourself.’

After years of dance education and teaching dance across NSW and working in the industry both on and behind stage, Ashleigh has brought years of experience to her classes. This is evident in her ability to capture the attention of almost 20 toddlers in one room.

“Particularly for the under 5’s, I try to make the room as inviting as possible. A lot of thought goes into the music and movements each week. They are catered to engage them and get them moving.”

Ashleigh doesn’t just cater for the kids in the room.  All her classes are open to parents, they are even encouraged to join in.

“Some of my favourite classes have been where I have more parents dancing than kids. This usually happens when I bring out the 90s classics.”

One of the most beautiful qualities of Smashed It Dance is there are no egos, not even when you talk to Ashleigh about other dance schools in the area. You can often hear her recommending other dance school to families that come to her classes.

“I know that not everyone will like my classes. And I am totally ok with that. I have a passion for dance and I want to share that passion with others. A lot of local dance schools provide classes and experiences that I simply don’t. I would rather send a student to a dance school where they will flourish and excel than hate an art form all together.”

Ashleigh repeatedly talks about how fun her classes are or “just a bit of fun” but behind the fun is a truly talented and creative woman and the fun is a byproduct of years of experience and passion that oozes out of her.

Check out more about Smashed It Dance here or better yet, go check out one of their signature Smashed It dance classes.

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