TAP Your Way to Fitness

Yes you heard me, you CAN tap your way to fitness with TAPfit and it will be THE FUNNEST WORKOUT you have ever done. You don’t actually feel like you are working out.

You’ve never tried dance fitness like this before. Instead of dancing TO the beat….you BECOME the beat.

So What is TAPfit?

TAPfit is the worlds first dance fitness program that combines cardio, resistence training, percussion and basic tap steps. Tapfit uses patented equipment, ‘Feet Beats', that slip over your workout shoes so you can create sounds and rhythms with your feet unlike anything else in the world.

Tapfit was created by four Australian sisters (triplets and the 'lovely surprise' baby sister, Kat) who believe fitness is about how you feel, not just how you look. They created TAPfit so that everyone can dance, feel empowered and be heard.

Check out the ‘FEET BEATS’ - SLIP ON TAP...let me say that again SLIP ON TAPS

The most incredible part of TAPfit are the ‘Feet beats’ I LOVE them and would live in them if my husband would let me scratch up our kitchen floors.

When you come to class, you are provided with a pair of FEET BEATS to borrow. TAPfit’s patented equipment means you won't even realise you're working out - you're just MAKING MUSIC! You just slip them over ANY FLAT BOTTOMED SHOE to transform them into DANCE SHOES! How awesome is that? Feet beats make all of the sounds and have a non-slip rubber grip, which grips to the floor like a car tyre so you can safely dance your heart out without any chance of slipping... so you'll feel like a pro!

TAPfit inspires to change minds before bodies.TAPfit is noisy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, making noise just feels good. Tapping is a release that is actually great for improving emotional health and self esteem.

If you are doing exercise you love and you are moving, you are burning calories. TAPfit focuses on the way you FEEL & THINK. It uses percussion and beat-based movement to sky-rockett people to new levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and happiness. It is a MIND & BODY workout.

TAPfit is for everybody, and for every body.

Every age, shape and size.

Not just a workout for your body.

TAPfit is involved with the world’s first study conducted by Professor Meg Morris at La Trobe University in Melbourne. This research explores how tap dancing can re-educate neural pathways in the brain with possible benefits being.

  1. Delay the onset/reduce the symptoms of degenerative illnesses such as Parkinsons’s disease.

  2. Enhance cognitive functioning and learning.

Do I need to give you more reasons to give it a go?

What to expect at TAPfit classes?

Be prepared to SWEAT IT OUT! It is fun but we work hard!

  1. EVERYONE is welcome. From non-dancers to pros - just come and join in

  2. Hear a variety of music from all different time periods.

  3. At times create the daggiest dance moves or feel like an pro tap dancer

  4. Meet like minded people. BUT Most importantly...

  5. Have the MOST FUN WORKING OUT (you won’t believe how hard you have worked but how light you feel after class).

We want you to come and join our TAPfit Tribe. Book into your next class HERE.

Your Feet Beats are waiting to help you MAKE SOME NOISE.

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