Term 4 2020 Important Dates

To celebrate the end of the year we are going to have a few THEMED weeks. We are encouraging everyone to dress up in the theme and have a ball. Let's make the end of 2020 fun!

Monday 12th October - First Day of Term 4

Monday 26th Oct - Saturday 31st October - SPOOK WEEK

Monday 9th November to Saturday 14th November - OLD DANCE COSTUME WEEK

Saturday 21st November - Filming Day

Monday 23rd November - Filming Day for Mondays class

Monday 30th November - Saturday 5th December - PJ WEEK

Monday 7th December - Saturday 12th December - TRY ANYTHING WEEK

Sunday 13th December - MOVIE PREMIERE!

Monday 14th December to Saturday 19th December - CHRISTMAS WEEK

Saturday 19th December - LAST DAY OF TERM 4

What are the Themed weeks?

SPOOK WEEK - come dressed in your best HALLOWEEN outfit.

OLD DANCE COSTUME WEEK - Come to class dressed in an old dance costume or something bright and colourful

PJ WEEK - Our favourite week! Wear your PJs to CLASS.

CHRISTMAS WEEK - Come to class dressed in your best Christmas gear and don't forget your Christmas cheer.


Try anything week is where we are going to open all the classes for you to try and see if you might like to do a different or additional style of dance for 2020. Booked in for ballet but want to try jazz? This is the week to do it. Please help us create wonderful programs for you by bringing a friend and spreading the word! Additional classes we be added

*You will still need to book in and pay for your normal class.

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