The Positive Change Kinderballet has had on Smashed It Dance

This term marks one full year with Kinderballet as a licensee. I thought I would look back on the incredible experience and positive change Kinderballet has had on Smashed It Dance.

Kinderballet's use of storytelling sets itself apart from similar programs.

Before we launched Kinderballet

I had opened Smashed It Dance approximately a year before becoming a Kinderballet Licensee. At that time, I was just holding my signature drop in Dance and Music & Movement classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. The classes were going great, and still are going strong, but I sensed that some of the students who attended needed more. Originally I was happy to recommend local dance schools, but talking to families about the value and benefits of dance really made me miss teaching.

At a crossroad

Mid way through 2018 I was doing a lot of research into various programs and dug up a lot of old lesson plans and resources to see what I already had, thinking I could create my own program. Like all good retargeting, an ad for Kinderballet kept coming up on my Facebook feed, I was intrigued.

Why Kinderballet?

I remember my first phone conversation with Sheryn, The Artistic Director of Kinderballet, and after nearly an hour and half phone call I knew it was going to be the right decision. My gut, my head and my heart was screaming YES. More than that, our values around dance and what we wish to provide and achieve for our students are so aligned it was an easy decision.

How have parents responded to the program?

The parents all RAVE about it. I am yet to have a parent come and watch a class and not be amazed at the creativity, student engagement and how much the students actually dance. One huge advantage of Kinderballet is that the programs designed for specific age groups. The 2 year olds are not grouped in with the 4-5 year olds. Separating these age groups makes a huge difference on the progress of little ballerinas.

My favourite response is when people experience the end of year Presentation Day for the first time. The affordable and low key event specifically designed for Pre-schoolers really sets this program apart from the rest. I had one mother giggling at the school gate when all the mothers were talking about how much the end of year dance concerts are and all she had to pay was $50. The Dad’s LOVE the Presentation Day too. They are much happier sitting through a 45 minute presentation only watching their child, than a 3 hour long dance concert only watching their child for 3 to 5 minutes.

Kinderballet allows me to teach more than dance to my students.

Do you enjoy teaching the program?

Absolutely! I actually can’t WAIT to teach each week, I love learning the new content each term and hearing what adventures Bella Ballet Bear has been up to. The programs introduces difficult concepts from an early age. Learning triplets in music and dancing to complex time signatures is a hard task but Kinderballet makes sure that these concepts are introduced early and through the ideals of play-based learning, setting students up for success later in life.

Any advice for potential Kinderballet Licensees?

Do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions. The Kinderballet community is a beautiful group of ballet teachers and studio owners who want to provide quality ballet programs to young children. But my biggest piece of advice would be to ensure that your values strongly align with Kinderballet’s values.

Why not see Kinderballet is all about and join a class. It's not too late to join Smashed It Dance for 2019 and still be involved in the Presentation Day. Check out the 2019 Schedule and find a class you would like to try. We have classes 6 days a wekk across the Sutherland Shire and we would LOVE to have you.

If you are outside the Sutherland Shire, Kinderballet has classes across most of Australia's major cities.

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